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Friday, December 27, 2013

Tips from a crunchy cheapskate

*At the end of summer, beach towels go on sale, stock up. Use your decorative towels in the public eye (bonus, these stay fluffy because they get used less...looks like you replace them often)

*want healthier and whiter teeth without all the flouride (this shits toxic!)....try mixing coconut oil and baking soda! Brush daily as usual. Add some mint extract or some essential oils for flavor and added benefits.

*switch to the no poo method to save $$$ and keep your hair in a healthier state! (I have switched yet, but I'm tempted)

*to make hand soap for only a few dollars a YEAR, use an old foam hand soap dispenser and in it mix your body wash or regular hand soap of choice with water until the outcome is a rich foam. I like Dr.Bronners Castile soap but you can use whatever.

* have bad breathe and no time to brush???? Gargle with baking soda water...not yummy but it works. (You can make up a batch of baking soda and peroxide water in a dark bottle and use it as mouthwash....or you can just quickly pour baking soda in a cup, mix with water...rinse and spit) And it'll make you want to drink water, so win!

I'll add more over time

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

All the "government shut down" stuff and Im more concerned about...

About how long this week has been. Two sick kids, one on steroids, a sick man, 4 wisdom teeth, 2 bottom teeth, and a lot of gratitude and struggles over my older kiddo and her amazing teacher. I'm standing in front of a giant can of worms and I'm glad I'm not standing here alone but the cans gotta be opened, I can't be in denial about it much longer.....deep breathing. I could use a pre-can massage because it may get bumpy!

Monday, September 9, 2013

My big kid is in kindergarten now

So my sweet, rambunctious five and a half (as she would point out) year old has started school....of course that has left me with the typical mom anxiety and tears, and...wait for it...."free" time. I've thus far spent it:
* grocery shopping with a blissful smile and completely relaxed demeanor
* meal prepping...I know, I'm bat shit crazy! Particularly since my oven is broken and I did it in a countertop roasting oven!!! I was so wiped out the next day that I turned into a log and sat on my awesomely fat ass all day watching episode after episode of Revolution on Netflix.
*cleaning and rearranging the kids playroom....this took me an ENTIRE school day.

So now its Monday again I have 5 baskets of laundry staring at me..and all I want to do is sit here naked with my toddler and watch Harry Potter movies all day. I guess I'll throw on some yoga pants and do both, but I'd rather just ignore the laundry!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Long time no see!

Holy Guacamole Batman! Completely forgot about this blog! Want an update? Lets see....

T and I are happily together, we've even had a new baby girl! She's now 4 months old, cloth diapered, breastfed (exclusively as she will be until about a year old and she wont be weaning until she's ready), and was born in an awesome natural birth that would have been at home if my midwife wasnt under hospital contract. Natalie is an amazing big sister and Rosalie loves her! I am still a sahm, only now I'm a wahm...I am the working mama behind NalaPosies Boutique  which is running a giveaway right now so enter!!!!
Lets see....I'm homeschool Natalie until I decide whats going on with vaxing/unvaxing. (I'm a tad bit crunchy and not entirely sure I'm okay with further injecting my kids with poison for their "health" when building and boosting their immune systems would do them far more justice) We enjoy it but with that, housework, a new baby, my boutique, babysitting and homeschooling, I'm finding myself a little too worn out to do too we are mostly child led based on a general theme....which was part of the unschooling/montesori style I was leaning towards anyway. There is a good bit of curiosity exploration that leads to many cool lessons. 
Natalie turns 5 (OMG WHEN DID THAT HAPPEN????) in a few weeks and I'm so upset I cannot express how sad I am that she is growing up!!! She is brilliant and beautiful and mouthy and stubborn and such a grown up! We are having a glow in the dark party in the basement and a rainbow party upstairs...oh yeah, we moved for T's promotion....
But now T is back at his old store (which I personally feel like he should be store manager of...) and he works a lot.
Mom got remarried, then he died, and she met someone else (daddy #5 for me) and we really like him. They are getting married next September. He's great but its whatever...hopefully this one lasts. 
I am passionate about childbirth, breastfeeding, NOT circumcising (facts overrule myths people), attachment parenting, I'm incredibly anti-cio....who knew it killed brain cells and causes emotional distress?...I'm determined to become a doula/childbirth educator and live on a farm...I'd LOVE to start a commune complete with birth center....think The Farm. 
I limit the number of toxins that come into my house and make most of my own stuff, I will be making the switch to mama cloth possibly too....I love cloth diapering so its logically the next step. I'm entirely too broke to cloth diaper how I want, but I'm leaning towards learning to make my own here soon too, I just want to make them all so cute lol. 
Alright....back to work, heres a picture for you :)

Monday, December 13, 2010

Stay at home mom

I'm back to being a stay at home mom (the scheduling was NOT working with one car and no babysitter!)...and I'm feeling crafty this holiday season....loving all the crafting blogs out there, I cannot get enough!!!!!!!!!
Still addicted to coffee in an obsessive kind of way and my kid is driving me crazy with the whining...but I know its because its too yucky to go out and play and she just has too much energy. I feel bad about it really.
thats about all.

Thursday, October 21, 2010


icing on a baby spoon at 12:30 in the morning with Finding Nemo playing in the background....ahhhhhh the good life!

Since my last update, T and I are doing well and I have put in a request to work only 3 days a week...that way I can still have 4 days to take care of my house and my kid and my relationship. But getting out of the house 3 days a week is good for me.

other than that, not much has changed...sorry to disappoint.